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Jack Daniel’s & Coca‑Cola RTD Launches in United States


Jack Daniel’s & Coca‑Cola RTD – a pre-mixed, canned cocktail that first launched last fall in Mexico – is set to hit stores in the United States. 

The highly anticipated ready-to-drink (RTD) take on one of the world’s most requested “bar calls” –cocktails ordered by brand name – balances the smooth character of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey with the refreshing taste of Coca‑Cola. Jack Daniel’s & Coca‑Cola RTD makes its U.S. debut this month in 12-oz. cans (7% ABV), and Jack Daniel’s & Coca‑Cola Zero Sugar will be available beginning in May. 

“We are excited to introduce the quintessential Jack & Coke cocktail to consumers in a consistent, convenient and portable format,” said Dallas Cheatham, Jack Daniel’s RTD Brand Director. “While Jack & Coke is a cocktail consumers have known and enjoyed across the world, with origins dating back more than a century, we are proud to officially launch Jack Daniel’s & Coca‑Cola RTD and bring these two iconic brands together in a RTD format for the first time in the U.S.”  

Getting together is just the start

After announcing a global relationship with Brown-Forman – the world’s fifth-largest global alcoholic beverage company and maker of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey – in June 2021, a globally networked team at Coca‑Cola worked to make the product launch a reality in Mexico in less than five months. The global agreement brings together two iconic brands; Coca‑Cola was created in 1886 in Atlanta, Ga., and Jack Daniel’s was established in 1866 in Lynchburg, Tenn. 

“This launch in the U.S. is a milestone moment for both Coca‑Cola and Jack Daniel’s – it follows how people have enjoyed the pairing of these two iconic brands for generations and demonstrates our commitment to innovation from the simple to the complex,” said Dan White, Chief of New Revenue Streams for The Coca‑Cola Company. “We are really excited about this classic cocktail being offered in a new way through our relationship with Jack Daniel’s.” 

The Coca‑Cola Company and Brown-Forman took a test-and-learn approach for the initial launch, applying lessons from a single-country rollout in Mexico to a global scaling strategy bringing the product to 13 countries in 12 months. Jack Daniel’s & Coca‑Cola RTD will reach additional markets in Europe, Asia, Latin American and Africa later this year. 

Jack Daniel’s & Coca‑Cola RTD joins a small but growing portfolio of flavored alcohol beverages made with company brands and created with consumers in mind, including: Lemon-Dou, which is currently available in Japan, China, Mexico and the Philippines; Topo Chico Hard Seltzer, available in five markets; Schweppes Premium Drinks pre-mixed cocktails, currently available in Brazil; and Simply Spiked and Fresca Mixed in the United States.  

The Coca‑Cola Company developed a Responsible Alcohol Marketing Policy to ensure it grows its alcohol brands in responsible and sustainable ways and prohibits targeted marketing to people below the legal drinking age. Brown-Forman, similarly, has a long-held commitment and adherence to responsible marketing practices and promoting responsible consumption. Both companies recently joined the International Alliance for Responsible Drinking (IARD), a nonprofit dedicated to reducing harmful drinking and promoting understanding of responsible drinking. works and partners with public sector, civil society, and private stakeholders. 

Packaging for Jack Daniel’s and Coca‑Cola RTD includes symbols and language that clearly state it should only be enjoyed responsibly and by consumers of legal drinking age. Jack Daniel’s & Coca‑Cola RTD is made by Brown-Forman. For more info, visit   

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